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Beautiful picture, it goes really well with the quote. I have a feeling that if I were standing there, I would totally feel blessed. Though I am blessed here too - both the physical 'here', my home, and the digital 'here', your blog.

elizabeth . this is stunning.. the quote is so simple ...so full of truth...

Beautiful, Elizabeth. A great reminder for me this morning. :)

The image and words are like home... especially beautiful post, Elizabeth. Happy Weekend! Oh, I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little gift giveaway--stop by if you can. ((HUGS))

Very beautiful. What/where is it?

@julie: sand on the beach in manzanita :)

i want to touch it.

Wow! I love this!

One of my favorite things is jut to stand still and breathe. And breathe and breathe and breathe until it becomes easy again to breathe deeply. Heaven.

This is fabulous, E!! More than fabulous - it's a WOW!! I think I've mentioned this before, but I have a coffee mug that has a quote, which I absolutely love, that says "I go to the sea to breathe". That's what your photo represents to me.

i love this picture-- but canNOT figure out what it is???

oh, this one gets me. so beautiful. like little empires that we miss from our big tall viewpoint.

Oh, I LOVE this image!!!
And the quote is so absolutely perfect.

I need to go back and look at it again......

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