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you are brave and you are beautiful.
thank you!!!!

Wow... just thrilling to the images your words conjure up, Elizabeth! This is fantastic... :o) Thank you for sharing. I especially love that line: it is the blue that smells like the stars"... *swoon*... ((HUGS)) P.S. you were wondering about The Lady of Shallot. The painting I showed from the Tate Britain gallery is based on the story told in the poem "The Lady of Shallot" by English poety Alfred, Lord Tennyson. You can read this romantic poem here: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/16080

Elizabeth, this is fantastic! Well done! :) I love the images that come to mind as I read it.

~ Jennifer

Did you go to Reveal?

Love. I loved your words before and I love them now!

@chrissy: thanks, dear! i hope you're having a blast in idaho!

@kate: i did. :)

@jennifer: thanks! it is fun to imagine.

@tracy: i knew it! i'll go read it shortly - thanks for the link. i remember reading it but it was so long ago that the story escapes me.

@jen, @ann, @liz: thank you. *blows a kiss*

Lovely. Just lovely...

You touch my heart.

lovely elizabeth, you touch my soul and give it wings.

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