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The dance of the dying. I love it. Wendy wrote a poem in school and I have it displayed on our fridge. It reads like this

Grass is dead and weird
Kids play at the windy place
Brown grass is pokey

We asked her about it and she said - well everyone else was writing about all bright sunshine and flowers - I wanted to be different.

love that shade of purple. beautiful!

xo Alison

Those are terrific pairings, Elizabeth--very playful, love 'em! Your post title could be the story of my life just now... I have more ideas than I can seem to pair with photos just now. It's very comical really... Happy Day (HUGS))

I love all those phrases. This photo is beautiful, too. It's so different from what we usually see from you! It reminds me of something that could be a beautiful business card or postcard from an apothecary. So fresh and wild and delicate.

i love your cards. need to get some ordered.

I wonder which is the stock material for your art. (As in: a stash of paints is required for painting, some hard substance for sculpture, yarn for knitting.)

The ideas or the photos? Both?

Thank you for your visit and comment Elizabeth. It is how I found you here, and I am so glad I did. What a lovely blog you have!!


I don't think you'll ever run out of either, Elizabeth! Atlas will save you from either demise, no doubt. :-)

This just made me smile...:-)

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