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Hear, hear! I so relate to this, and to your word, trust.

And your photograph is beautiful.

Dangnabit. Wrong mel. Sorry about that. *blush*

Hear, hear! I so relate to this, and to your word, trust.

And your photograph is beautiful.

That is so, so true.

this post read like an "oh my word! she is so right!"
perfect photo paring, of course, of "course".

yes, i'll walk with purpose and trust each step along the way, trust the purpose, the course, the cabin will be there.

love and love to you, my friend!

Oh, wow... this really strike a chord, Elizabeth, as your posts so often do for me! :o) Lately I've discovered this very thing, that I have somehow been blocking my own flow! :o( Learning to trust that I don't have to have all the answers right not, that I can let that bend in the road take me somewhere I hadn't anticipated. Better yet, let go of too much anticipation and expectation. ;o) So one step at a time... Thanks for all you share here! And love the photo today... You've got snow! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

So true, life requires a lot of trust from us.. I like this picture... I love being surrounded by trees.

Such a lovely..peaceful winter scene!

sweet sweet elizabeth.
first of all...i really needed this photo tonight.
i have just been sitting here and inhaling it in. it is so wonderful and calm.
also my dear...i am a bit behind on gathering my mail and i have to tell you that the last week and a half have been really stressful and your gift of mail love came to my hands on the most perfect day. it could not have come at a better time.
thank you does not really even express how much it meant to me and the photo on the front was so perfect!
you are AMAZING.
do YOU know that?
i love you dearly my scarf sister.


trust walks with flow. hand in hand.
boy did this one hit me. and it is

how i love you and your wisdom.
i kinda miss you too.

I am in that camp, too. I have a deep-seated need to see the big picture. And often get offended when God doesn't deign to show it to me. {humph!} :-)

i recognize this place, i think..(do I?) and so very true:)

@helen: you do! it's right next door, sort of.

@sherron: so bothersome, right! why can't we know. *humphs with you*

@kelly: i definitely miss you. "hand in hand." love that image.

@chrissy: so glad it arrived when it was most needed. xoxo

@marcie: winter does seem the most peaceful of seasons.

@holly: me too. so very much.

@tracy: it is always so nice to know i'm not alone where i am. we'll take one step at a time together.

@jen t: thanks! the analogy in my journal was about a river, but i didn't see any rivers this week so had to change it. :)

@kate: <3

@mel: hello, hello! and thank you!

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