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Very much admire your dedication, Elizabeth! And it's interesting what you were saying about permission. I notice during the week I'm very disciplined about my yoga practice, but come the weekend, I'm suddenly very more relaxed about it. ;o) I've tried doing the shiva nata along with the video... whew... not so easy at first, but it is TERRIFIC fun! I might get it down yet... Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

first...i love the light thru the leaves!!! you've captured the feeling of the forest for me. and i like the permission idea.
still hangin in. and it's getting easier somehow. this habit of good health. love it.

I missed my first day of meditating on Saturday. I thought about it once during the day, but I was in the middle of something (I don't remember what), and I didn't stop and do it. The next time I thought about it, it was after 11, and I was laying in bed about to drift off to sleep. I didn't get up and do it then, either. I'm doing pretty darn good about staying gentle with myself about it, though, and not beating myself up because I didn't sit.

I think that after this month is over, I may join you in having weekends be non-practicing days, or at least differently-practicing days. But I'm really loving that this month so far is getting me back into a regular practice of sitting at all, because I'd gotten really spotty about it. Yay!

I also love the light on and through the leaves in this series of pictures. Makes me give a happy sigh.

Very interesting week you had! I like my weekends to be different, too. I have no idea why, but I like them to be very unstructured and flow-y. And I don't think anyone would describe me as an unstructured and flow-y kinda girl! :-)

I made some progress this week. Out of nowhere, I started asking myself "What three things can I do today that will make my life easier tomorrow?" And ohmygoodness! Movement! Yay! No huge dent in my List of Doom, but it's not all about huge movement. It's about any movement at all. And, Houston, we have movement! :-)

i have been consistently doing something, just not the same thing, if that counts. I have to wonder sometimes if I have ADD, as I have such a short attention span then off to something else. I have been consistently posting on my blog, taking photo's, but the weather has been rainy, so the walking has been on hold. I watched Havi's pink wig shiva nata video and WOW- how do you ever keep it all straight? I think it would be fun to dance around moving my arms around like that, but that game made my brain hurt (lol)! Have a GREAT day!!!!!!

Okay, I started to watch the pink wig video, and I was just...flabbergasted. I can't imagine even getting to the point of being able to follow along! But I'll keep flopping around, I suppose.

I'm intrigued by this new correlation you've found between your reiki work and permission. How fascinating! I love the idea of giving myself permission, and it's something I work with regularly. Permission to rest, permission to not always be "doing", permission to eat pizza for dinner when I'm too tired to cook. And yes: permission to stay home from work is a big one for me.

Elizabeth~ I gave myself permission too (but did not really realize it until I read about permission here :'), permission to miss a day of movement because I was caught up in something else and forgot until it was the end of the day and I was snuggled between the sheets already. The old me would have just given up the whole idea of the 30 day practice if she had "failed" at any one of the days. The current me just acknowledges I missed it, thinks about why I missed it and how I can make myself more available next time and moves forward. I still feel accountable but I don't feel like a failure and that makes all the difference in the world. Today on day 13 I have walked/stretched/ran for 9 of the days and missed 4 days of movement. 3 out of the 4 days I missed were weekends too. Your photographs are stunning and made the air around me feel cooler and fresher just from looking at them.

@stephanie: that's so fantastic! the old me would have also given up/felt like a failure if i missed a day so i definitely get how huge that is.

@kylie: and in this case, flopping around is perfect! as long as you're flopping, you know you're still being challenged. :)

@sandy: hurt in a good way, i hope. :) that's great that you're still taking photos in rainy weather! that's when i tend to slack.

@sherron: woo-hoo! that's awesome!

@steph: yeah, it'll be interesting to see how that all pans out. i do meditate on weekends (i'm doing martha beck's joy diet and sitting is the first thing to add in every day) and would like to continue. it's just so good for me. i love that your practice is getting you into a habit you want to start - yay for that!

@tammy: i love it too. for you. :)

@tracy: yay! so glad you found the fun in it! and it's so good for quieting the mind. :)

What beautiful photos!

Yesterday I thought I wasn't going to get my walk in because I was at an all-day thing for work, but then at the dinner break I rambled along the host's lovely, woodsy gravel driveway. Oh me of little faith!;)

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