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and i would add that you may have been feeling joy too. joy and contentment are deep and wonderful. they make life worth living. i love what you learned from the children and to picture you and atlas there!
i fell from my course when i ate the comfort food after the tornado, but like you i gave myself permission to simply enjoy that meal. then i calmly went back to what i know is more healthy for me... and you know what? i feel wonderful! amazing how your soul and body responds when you don't waste time beating yourself up! this has been a gentle, good month. (well except for the tornado!) :o)

CONTENTMENT... that is a good state to be in, isn't it?! Contentment and joy often overlap, don't you think? I was feeling both contentment & joy myself this past weekend--hard not to feel both on a trip to the seaside. You would have ben proud of me--I gave myself permission to eat ice cream two days in a row... ;o) Keep being good to yourself, my friend... Happy Week ((HUGS))

Ooh, contentment! I know just the feeling you're describing. Also, trees and flowers definitely DO ease pain; your friends were right.

You know what else helps ease pain? Puppies like Atlas. I got to pet TWO pups yesterday, and it was heavenly.

I love your definition of contentment ~ it feels so deeply true.

I'm smiling big thinking of you and Atlas near the ocean, sitting in the grass with a cherry lemonade.

Good for you!! I have got quite a few practices going myself, but the reason I didn't commit to 30 days is because I'm already doing them when I can and feeling OK when I don't. If you actually LIKE doing the thing, it's not a problem missing, because you will WANT to get back to it. At least that is what I'm finding. If it was a practice I didn't enjoy, I think I would have a harder time getting back to it after falling off the wagon!

Contentment is awesome. Yay!

I can't believe that the month is almost over already. I've done well with the meditating. I think I missed a day again last week, but I didn't fret about it. And I'm so pleased to have gotten back into this habit. I'm looking forward to carrying it with me into July (and beyond)!

Thanks again for the inspiration! I'm still going: the walking feels great and the air is so fresh.

Contentment. Wow. So awesome, so glad for you!

My practices have continued on a roller coaster as far as efforts and what I'm doing etc. But I know that things WILL settle, eventually, and in the meantime I am thrilled to be able to touch that space (present. peace.) in tiny ways - or in big ways - like a yoga mala over the weekend (such. amazing. group. energy.) Followed by permission to recover! ;)

Love this too: "...i did not decide that missing a day meant that i failed and therefore must quit. hurrah!" HURRAH!! I know what a biggie this is (& it gets easier to do - maybe not every time, but once means it's *possible* to apply it again)

Thank you Elizabeth, it's been lovely reflecting on practice with you this month. xoxo

@mel: touching that space in even tiny ways is so magical. (curious about the yoga mala now. i thought a mala was beads. this sounds even better!) it's been lovely reflecting with you - so glad you joined in!

@kris: you're welcome! glad you joined in. come to think of it, we've been walking together in a sense. :)

@steph: i can't believe it either! it feels like it just began. i'm glad you found your way into your practice.

@patty: i'm glad that's true for you! i find that liking something or wanting to do something does not mean that i will do it. sad but true.

@jennifer: it makes me smile too. (ha. they are usually three separate events. i really must combine them!)

@kylie: puppies!!! oh, yes. they are the best at easing pain.

@tracy: i am indeed! i hope you enjoyed it! and yes, it is so hard not to feel both at the seaside.

@tammy: i imagine the comfort was much needed and appreciated after that event. yay for feeling wonderful!

You are so wise. I love your blog and absorb what you say and am inspired and moved by your journey but I often feel like I have no response other than to nod my head thoughtfully and say, "ahhh...". I feel content when I read your blog. :)

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