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i'm so with you on this one. Great post. We must trust and take the plunge. We much change our definition of failure. Mistakes are good, they help us learn. Thinking of you today, sending you reiki energy, and believing you can do anything you set your mind to.

contradiction, reassurance!

you *do* know. someone, the right someone is Be.A.Utiful YOU!!!!

Such a beautifully written poem..and I love the image!!! Trusting is hard...

Oh, I love this! So true...we have everything we need, and know everything we need to know, but we make it oh-so-complicated and spend our lives trying to trust those simple truths.

Ah to find the courage....to truly risk it on our own intuition and the truth that dweels right smack in the center of ourselves even when "they" (whomever they may be) tell us how or why it won't work, yes this is worth working for. Thank you for sharing YOUR truth here and providing gentle reminders to listen to our own. :)

oh I really like this...

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