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you know it's really weird. some people have to learn how to rest. i was one of them. i worked non-stop for over 25 years... time off but no real vacations except in 1997. i went to england!
so when i retired i kept getting up at 5am for months on end... felt guilty if not doing something constantly. creativity dies in that kind of pace.
now i know how to rest and i love my slow, simple life. it is lovely to do nothing sometimes. la dolce far niente!
hope our sweet atlas is enjoying doing nothing for just a little while... is he better?

@tammy: he is actually worse (in a different way). i think he is experiencing a side effect to one of his meds. it was a long night. hence the reason i am wishing for rest. :)

Very sweet kick-back-and-relax moment, Elizabeth... Oddly, I was writing a bit about this topic today, too. Charlie was the inspiration! ;o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

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