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I have so much enjoyed your weekly catch-up posts, Elizabeth, and hearing about your experience for the month. Writing is so cathartic, isn't it?! I find it great for purging all sorts, as well as getting closer in touch with what's really going on in my head and heart. Somehow getting it down on paper (yes, still wasting trees and ink, sorry to say--still have weakness for paper journals and pens!) brings things up more clearly. Trust has been my word for a few months now, it just sorted of happened. Flow for 2012...sounds very good. And your writing plans sound very exciting--go for it! ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

sorry to say i lost the thread weeks ago. oddly enough i kept a journal all thru my husband's illness and death years ago and it helped me greatly. it's not only good for normal times but a good tool for grief as well. i agree with tracy.. paper and ink for me always. it just feels right.
if there were ever a word i'm going to steal from you for 2012... it's flow!
i have fought everything it seems this year...
chrissey's illness, the tornado hail storm, the slow insurance people...the triple digit heat that lasted 4 months of the long summer.
it's time to learn to flow with life (and death) and simply BE. i read it, i meditate on it but do i do it? no. mostly i try to control.
silly me. life is so much better when it flows.
thank you as always e!
tammy j

My 30 days of Shiva Nata have sort of gone *splat*. I don't think I've done any over the last week-plus. Maybe one day. My internal conversations are taking on a more negative tone about it, too. I'm working on looking for the compassion.

I still really appreciate the space that you've set with offering to have us join you in this, and providing a weekly check-in option. Even though I haven't done this quite the way I set out to, I feel supported knowing that this space has been here. Thank you, elizabeth!

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