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this is lovely. lovely words too. but for me... a bit of a stretch. we have spiders here called tarantulas you know... about the size of a small salad plate. i arrived home from work one day and saw one climbing up my garage door. they jump easily six feet.
now if you mean by spider, the sweetest of all... "charlotte," my heart melts. i do love all creatures but the tarantula scares the wits out of me!
this summer i had a garden spider who spun a most beautiful web. she was big and beautiful too. she sat in the middle of her web. i named her rachel.

@tammy: i must confess that i am rather fond of tarantulas because i remember them as being fuzzy. fuzzy spiders! ha. total permission to not love them as much as i do though. ;) i like that you named your garden spider. i might need to name the spider who has been trying to climb down my stairs for four days now. i am starting to wonder if i should give him/her a helping hand.

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