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I would go to your picklewich shop. And the I'd finally be happy with the amount of pickles on my sandwich. I gave up artificial sweeteners, too. But I did like my Diet Coke with the fizz. Sometimes I have a Dr. Pepper as a substitute. In case you were wondering.

I'd patronize your sandwich shop. And I get excited for dark chocolate peanut butter. Yum!

sigh. am allergic to artificial sweeteners. but i know exactly what you mean about pepsi vs coke. and they never seem to get it! world's apart. i like baby cans of rootbeer.
i love ALL pickles. whoops. that means a shout doesn't it. i would eat at your picklewich shop. and can't wait to try the peanut pickle sandwich!
i think you should open an art gallery (your photos) and a picklewich shop. a WINNER!!! whoops, shouting again. :)
i LOVE that picture. love it. it is the pacific nw to me. someday i want to live there. that's what i get excited about. next year i'll be out of debt. maybe can start on my dream... until then ... pickles and peanut butter and dreams of rain on pine and the sea.
tammy j

Elizabeth, I'm laughing over here because for me, you could totally take the words "dill" and sweet" and exchange them. That would be perfect for me! And I am not a carbonated beverage fan. At all. Even if it's flat. Well, unless I'm reeeeealy thirsty.

I'm thinking about you today because we are heading up the mountain tomorrow and it's supposed to be foggy, cold and rainy. Again. And, guess what, maybe some SNOW!!! I was thinking about what a trooper you were in your little rent-a-car. Good memories.....

I LOVE this picture. I want to dive into it and live there. (Gasp! Maybe someday I will?) Anyway, it is my favorite. This post is my favorite. You liking what you like is my favorite. Everything is my favorite!

A whole milk latte with cream added - preferably 10% coffee cream. I hold it in my mouth so I get the full flavour of the creamy milk and the lovely mocha. If they didn't put sugar in their whipped cream I would add that too. Dreamy!

DILL Pickles - YES. Always more, please. I tell places to "make it a pickle sandwich" when trying to impart how many pickle slices/chips I would like on my food.

You are so adorably funny! CANNOT HANDLE. You have me laughing with glee over here, in a way that no other writer does to me.

I love fizzy drinks very much, and mango or guava kombucha is my favorite. I like it to be quite fizzy, and definitely very cold.

Why is it that nobody ever puts enough pickles on sandwiches? Pickles are like the gold of the sandwich world: priceless in part because of how rare they are.

Another thing that's making me soooo happy this week: Michael Jackson's hits from the '80s and '90s. I am suddenly in love.

About the pickles, amen, sister! Crisp, crunchy, and even spicy! Not sure about that peanut butter thing, though. ;-)

I'm currently obsessed with eating spicy hummus with baked sea salt & black pepper chips. It's my reward for grocery shopping!

i can't say that i'm excited to try dill pickles and pb on bread for breakfast tomorrow. and pepsi is better than coke, but not flat pepsi/coke. it has to be fizzy:)
what i would be excited about right now is if i woke up tomorrow and could eat gluten again and i'd have a starbucks choc chip cookie. we were in the mall in milwaukee and i had to walk by starbucks w/o getting one:(
and, i really like this photo:) i equated it to bubbles. it looks like it could be a big glass jar with bubbles and the branches inside.

@helen: i wish i could wave a magic wand and make that happen! (the stbx cookie, not the fizzy pepsi. ;) also, i can see the glass jar!

@sherron: you might have to try it now! ;) hummus. yes. so very good with chips. now i want some.

@kylie: they are like gold. edible gold. tasty edible gold. tasty edible chocolate gold coins, i think - that might help make it more clear that they do not, in fact, need to be so rare!

@casey: a pickle sandwich! you are brilliant! i am going to use that next time.

@leone: i can almost taste it in my mouth right now. so creamy.

@briana: i certainly hope you do! or at least nearby. (it's across the street from me.) i will be the happiest person ever.

@patty: have a wonderful time! if you see snow, i hope you take a picture. and you can have ALL my sweet pickles!

@tammy: "dreams of rain on pine and the sea". so poetic. blowing a kiss into the universe for your dream.

@ann: yum indeed. i vote yes for that too!

@mindijo: i sometimes have root beer. not entirely the same, but i do love a good root beer. hey, did you ever see the recipe for pulled pork in dr. pepper on the pioneer woman's site? i made it with root beer and it was so tasty.

Okay, I understand the whole pickle thing, until you mention pickles and PB. So wrong of a combo! Now dill chips on a grilled cheese? That steps it up to a whole new level of sandwich! ;) And are you not aware that there is a caffeine free diet coke? That's my occasional indulgence, and even McDonalds has it in their fountains now. Speaking of McDs and what gets me excited, while their "food" isn't gourmet fare, they do have excellent decaf coffee. Always fresh. And hot. Mmmm.

The more pickles, the better! Add me to your pickle club, Elizabeth, and dill pickles preferably. ;o) No restaurant ever gives enough pickles...*sigh*... I like Coke. I go whole hog and have the full version. I don't drink soda but once or twice a year, so I treat myself... LOL... I used to love cherry Coke as a kid. I rather like Dr. Pepper. I try to avoid fake sweetners, they're as bad for the body as too much real sugar. :o/ Suddenly craving a peanut butter sandwich... See you back here! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

oh. good. grief. elizabeth!
am having a crunchy peanut butter dill pickle sandwich (toasted) for breakfast as i write this. ridiculously delicious!
thanks for the picklewich recipe.
too bad i don't have a baby rootbeer to go with.
love and happy weekend,
tammy j

Dill pickles have always been a favorite snack of mine too ~ never thought about having them with peanut butter but I'm off to try it!

I did try the dill pickle and peanut butter thing once and it didn't thrill me. I still like the peanut butter, jam, and thinly sliced cheddar cheese on toast sometimes - like Dad would make.

I can;t tell the difference between coke and pepsi or diet coke or diet pepsi.. At all. However, I can tell the difference between Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Coke :P
I prefer cola flat too - I think it's because we used to got ice lollies (basically plastic bags of frozen cola flavoured water) which taste like flat cola. :P

@rose: yay, another flat preferrer! i wish i couldn't tell the difference sometimes; it would make things so much simpler. :)

@amy: i still like that too, either with peanut butter or without but always with butter. jam + cheese + butter is delicious.

@jennifer: do report back! :)

@tammy: hurrah! so glad you enjoyed your picklewich!

@tracy: sadly, i can't drink regular. it is much too sweet and syrup-y after a "lifetime" of diet.

@nora: i am excited to try your grilled cheese + pickle idea! also, yes, i am aware of the caffeine-free version but somehow i don't love it as much as the caffeine version. not sure why. and fresh and hot is very good.

I will have to try the Dr. Pepper pulled pork. Heaven help me.

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