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Oh, those words...*sigh*... they've got me stopped in my tracks too! And you know, I could see a book with your photos, rather than illustrations maybe, as your photos have a very narrative quality in themselves--so they pair ideally with words. :o) Something to think about... wonderful idea! Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

i agree with tracy (and probably with anyone who knows you!) ... your photographs would be enough. you take more than photos. there is a spirit to them. and you are a writer.
i am glad i live in the present. really i am. i love modern plumbing.
but a huge part of me should have, or was, born in a time that everyone believed in the wee folk and the time of enchantment. it never fails to make my heart skip a beat and be very glad. like the lines in that story. beautiful.
hugs and nose kisses to you and the puppy!
respectively of course!
tammy j

I'll have to add that one to my books-to-read list. :)

I like Neil Gaiman. I haven't read this one, though. I will have to find it myself.

What a magical image...and these trolls have captured my heart. I - too - share a dream of someday illustrating an imaginary story!

@marcie: wishing a wish for both of us! and i would love to see a story with your photos!

@ann: i do too. this book has such a great mix of authors.

@claire: i hope you enjoy it :)

@tammy: we just need to combine those thoughts with modern plumbing. that might be just about perfect.

@tracy: yes! that's what i'm thinking .. someone writes the story, i supply the photos. i could do one myself - and might - but i think it would also be a lovely collaboration.

i adore neil gaiman. thank you for sharing.

Oh, I will have to get that book! When my ex-husband's daughter was young, we sometimes took the toll road through Dallas. She was just learning to read and when she saw the words "Toll Booth" in huge letters across the top of the toll booths, she read "Troll Booth". Of course, her dad had to make up stories about the trolls who lived there and how we had to pay the 50 cents so they wouldn't be mean to us. Of course! And, not wanting to spoil the fun, but not wanting to lie, I had to come up with some very clever responses to "Sherron, is that true???" Fun times. Sweet memories. Thanks for reminding me!

Sigh. Imagination.

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