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VERY lovely, Elizabeth... Nothing of the Earth ever really dies, it just comes around, again, and again. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

love, love.

Really like the subtlety of this image....

i'm sad today.
wilf (from wilf the pon in france)... you remember e, the little guy who looks just like my zeke... and has cancer and is blind...
well, he's not doing too well. after surviving all this time, it sounds like it may be getting close. he was diagnosed with cancer last year and given only 3 days to live. a year ago! he has just soldiered on, giving love. and happiness to all who see him.
coming to your post always makes me feel better. and today is no different. i am uplifted. and tracy...
i like what you said too. and jen.
it's all about love. and that never dies.

@tammy: oh, no! i can imagine how you feel. sending love to you. love might never die, it is true, but it is still hard to watch the form of it change.


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