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Happy New Year to you and Atlas.

angus over on wilf said it well, he wished us all a year without fear.
you have made this year for me, with its heartbreak of loss, a better one. you and atlas have been like a little beacon on the shore. i have been traveling on a rough sea.
here's to a merry happy new year indeed...
may your creative and beautiful light shine brighter than ever in 2012!!!
(wow. talk about pressure huh? and that's without a single glass of champagne! gonna have a bowl of popcorn instead and watch the big bang theory marathon. i love them!!!)
cheers dear heart,
tammy j

beautiful photo to go with your word for 2011- so what's your word for 2012 going to be?

Happy merry new year! And what a beautiful girl dancing! I see a bit of a skip in her step, too. :)

hooray! a first day of a brand new year. like a new page in a notebook.
just wanted you to know. i am facing the january page of my 'year with atlas' calendar.
he's wearing a beautiful pink collar and sniffing hello to a little black kitten.
adorable. as if you didn't know!
tammy j

@tammy: hooray! happy new year! happy new "year of atlas"!

@steph: i do too! happy 2012 to you!

@kerri: power & radiance. :) i just need to decide what i'm doing for my photo project.

@jerry: thank you! happy 2012 to you!

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