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Losing your dog is a scary thing. Two days ago I found two lost german shepherds. These were obviously well cared and well behaved family dogs. Fortunately, the owners and dogs were reunited by early evening. Dogs and people were thrilled to be together again.

But this event reminded me of the importance of micro chipping your dog and, specially being sure that your contact information is associated with the chip. One of these dogs was chipped, but there was no contact information. The chip was useless in finding the owner. And the owner was not aware of it.

It was also a wake up call for me. My two dogs are not chipped. They will be within the next couple of days.

Oh, my goodness, Elizabeth, that scene is so funny. And it reminds me how OFTEN I worry about and get agitated over something that might happen but hasn't yet and might never happen.

Fraightfully naice

The first picture looks especially magical, like a fairy tale. Today was a lazy day, thanks for asking! What a cool frame and color style on your photos! Looking at them leaves me happy and wishing I could do the same. Maybe one day :)

@jenia: hi! it felt like a fairy tale. well, one with blood and frightfulness, which i guess most good fairy tales actually have. ;) blowing a kiss to you and your wish. xo

@ann: fraightfully!

@vicki: oh my goodness! that *is* such a good reminder of that! so glad you mentioned it.

@jerry: yes, it would be sad and scary! i can imagine how i would feel if atlas *were* lost. i think about the address thing too .. atlas is not microchipped but he is tattooed with his akc number (not my decision, but supposedly it was more reliable back then anyway) but the thing i think about is that akc does not have my current address info! you might have reminded me to do something about that. your dogs are lucky to have you!

when i saw the first pic, i was like "hey, that looks like great america! but it can't be! she doesn't live there." but then i remembered you were there and the pics were in fact of great america:)

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