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At least it was hard. It could have been so much worse.

I could echo Jerry... at least it wasn't the messy poo! :o/ Hope Atlas is OK though, that the poo incident was a one of the occasional one-offs. Living with a pet is like having a permanent toddler in many ways, I think. We write the book as we go along, don't we? ;o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

hahaha i love it:)

hahahaha! i love it too helen.
i have a friend who would gag just reading this, much less find and happily dispose of the poop stone. she claims to love animals. she just doesn't want anything to do with them, to touch them, or have them touch her.
and she grew up on a farm???!!!!!
she's a germaphobe, so guess she can't help it.
i would rather live with a dog than most people i know!
nose smooshes to atlas,
tammy j

lol too funny. i, sadly, am now to the point where i wouldnt even wash the sheets if the poo was hard enough. ;-)

I would read your book. I love when people give you the low down, instead of the roses. But I do have a thing over poop, and while I would take care of it, I would gag whilst doing so.
~ann b.

Eeeeew! I'd want to take a shower in bleach water if it were in my bed. So I guess I might fit in the germaphobe category. As a matter of fact, just reading it makes me want to shower. Which is why this whole farmer's wife thing isn't really my calling in life. I just sort of ended up here. :)

@nora: that's sort of how i feel. like it's a good thing i didn't know all this in advance. ;)

@ann: i still gag while picking up other dogs', even if my hands are covered. :)

@andrea: lol.

@tammy: atlas appreciates the nose smushes and sends some back! he is curled up on the bed wrapped up in blankets right now. :)

@helen: :)

@tracy: i think we do!

@jerry: oh, do i know. only too well. ;)

Wow, that's one thing I've never encountered! But, I would've done the same thing. Funny what you learn to take in stride, huh?

lol... this is such a funny post. And I'm with Jerry... that is exactly what I was thinking as I was reading...thank goodness it was hard.

That is what I love about bunny poops. Hard little pellets... but OH SO MANY OF THEM!!!! hhmmph.

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