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mmm...that is lovely, and quite true... I often feel BIG connection will ALL when in or near water. :o) LOVELY, lovely images paired with these words, Elizabeth! Happy Day ((HUGS))

that is a beautiful quote! and the pictures are lovely too! reminds me of why i love the lake/ocean/water so much:)

living in a hot dry climate, as i do, just the words water, river, stream, mist, rain . . .
all evoke a powerful feeling. and to hear the sound of water is music to my soul!
they call that negative ions . . . i call it magic!
a beautiful quote for beautiful images, today.
i'm with helen.
(so why am i still here?!!!! aaagggh!)

Thank you for reminding me of such beauty and movement. Beautifully moving.

Beautiful blue touches...

I am headed to the Florida Panhandle tomorrow. I cannot wait to put my toes in those waves...

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful One !

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