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That is what a true photographer excels at...and you are a true photographer. Give yourself a pat on your back from me!

well said jerry. ditto from me.
and yes, we might embarrass you e. but hope you give your new found acceptance of your beautiful self a chance to stretch a little!
tammy j
ps.. i love all the impressionists...but have never heard that quote before. thank you for sharing it!

Oh, but you should take that pat on the back, Elizabeth... this photo is exceptionally fantastic! You have a special talent in seeing & capturing the ordinary-extraordinary, and I love that about you! :o) Dazzling image, and I've always been inspired by that Pissarro qoute. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Blessed are those who get to see these beautiful things because you share them!

That is an extraordinary picture! I love it! Also, sending you many pats on the back, because you have magical powers.

well, it *is* a gift to be able to see more in the usual than the ordinary! so glad you have this forum to share your blessings!

This is extraordinarily simple and exquisite. Love the dof.

So blessed.

Sometimes I feel like I am walking around stoned but it is my natural way of being. When you start looking for simple beauty, it becomes more and more abundant, doesn't it ?

Happy Friday, Blessed One !


Fabulous quote,
Fabulous image,
Fabulous YOU!!

I love this quote. It is true of artists of all kinds, but esp. visual artists. I'm always looking for the extraordinary in the so-called ordinary. :)

You can find beautiful things anywhere, my friend. A storm grate... who would have thunk it? (well, clearly, you did!) This is genius.

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