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you are right! there is also a cold light to the winter sun here. and we usually have wind with it too. so oddly enough, if we have a calm day that is misty or rainy.. it's a delight... radiance of another sort?
cheers to you and atlas on your sunny weekend!
tammy j

I break for light & sunshine too! Winter is tough here, as it is so often steely-gray skies, snow and cold-cold-cold... Like at the moment it's been about 10-14 degrees F all week...bbbrrr... The sun may shine, but it doesn't feel warm... LOL... But I'll take sun over gray skies any day. ;o) Let's keep finding that radiance, no matter where it lies. Happy weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

That's why I love living with 4 seasons... the change with each one is so welcome at the time.

sending big hugs
through the mail carrier
of radiance. oxo

I always look at and appreciate your photos for a bit before I read your post. I find it interesting to gather my feelings about the image (sometimes it helps me sort out an inner question) and then to see what your lovely thoughts and intent are. This one struck me because I thought how beautiful and happy the light was in your first picture. "Radiant". And then the second photo lacked the sunlight but wasn't any less beautiful. Wonderful things can come out of darkness, too. "Luminous".

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