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oh elizabeth...
these places in your site are simply so beautiful. i love the imagery of the room by the sea with open windows, white curtains and the wooden floor. so much my style of living!
even if now, my sea is only imaginary.
i am thinking, in my minimalist home, about the way the japanese tend to do things... well maybe not now that they've become so westernized, but the way they've used the tokonoma... the place where they hang one absolutely beautiful piece of art that represents particular feelings or the changes of the seasons. you really notice only a few pictures as opposed to a wall full.
they didn't use a clutter of contrasting things in their home. they would change out this special art each month or so.
your art would be perfect for that.
i feel like a kid in a candy store.
uh oh. have written another long book here.

I really like the first image, great negative space. Very creative.

The warmth, beauty, love & light here is sooo welcoming--always! I admire all the creative projects your doing currently. It is funny how hard it can be to "toot our own horn," isn't it? I still feel that way sometimes too. Something to work on. ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

That first photo is so delightful! So is the second one, of course. But something about the first really struck my fancy.

You're such a delight. ♥

@kylie: i love the first one too. it's a bubble underneath a playground chandelier. :)

@tracy: something to work on indeed. it seems there is always something. ;) happy week!

@bob: thank you!

@tammy: i used to enjoy looking at pictures of their decor, or the ones where there is nothing in the room but a low to the floor bed, beautiful and simple. i don't know if i could ever be quite there, but i do love the feel of that sort of space.

You greet the world with such a loving, open heart. I love that about you.

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