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I am just the opposite. I drink lots of coffee and never milk...at least since I became a vegan.

i have exciting news.

the purist will also have a simple espresso drink. it will not be on the menu but will be a special order for friends of the cafe who also love espresso.

it will be like the vanilla steamer is for me, in that it will be special and wonderful and a secret surprise. they will go into the back and make it just for you on an extra-special espresso machine that we went to italy especially to buy and it will be delicious.

i can't wait.

A cafe for people who love cafes and don't love coffee...I am soooo there with you, Elizabeth! Ooo...what do you think about a maple-vanilla steamer?! I'm a tea aficionado myself, and do love me the occasional hot chocolate with whipped cream...very, very rarely though, I do indulge in an espresso. But love the steamers. I've been drinking milk for a year now, and I feel good. I used to hate drinking milk and would talk calcium supplements. I still do supplements, but add cow now too. :o) Anyway, let me know when your cafe is open. What's Atlas think about the Purist cafe? Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

a wonderful vision... an enchanting place...
a little cozy cafe. it's name is atlas
of course.
on the walls are beautifully framed posters of your best art... light. water. nature.
and its namesake, atlas puppy.
the walls are snowy white.
sunlight is the star... but also on rainy cloudy days...
little white fairy lights everywhere too...
the floors are warm deep blonde wood.
the little tables and chairs are wooden and
mis-matched... picked up from here and there.
is it a little cafe? or is it a small private club with paid membership into the magical world of elizabeth and her talents... art..shiva nata...reiki... wonderful story telling... sharing innermost feelings about life and helping just by being elizabeth...
and of course... special vanilla steamers!
can you see it?
a little live etsy shop of beautiful art, wonderful scents, deliciousness, healing and art to uplift the soul.
yes! if i had millions i would rent the space for you!! the world needs a place like that!
tammy j

Heehee! Too cute. I love that you'll have an espresso that's not on the menu. And let me know when you open the Purist Cafe, I shall come for a visit. :)

Oh, love the photos and love Tammy's vivid vision. I'm there! And I can go either way although I started drinking cappuccino long before it was cool. Then I discovered that I could make my own and I have probably saved thousands of dollars over the years doing so, but there is still something to be said about the camaraderie of a cafe.... especially one like that!!

You make me smile. I do so love passionate people.

great idea! can i be a part of this (and by be a part i mean help with the travel to italy to purchase the espresso machine?) and also, i think you should have coffee (but just plain to fit with the theme) because i LOVE the smell of coffee and so i'd be sad if there was no coffee smell:) but i will totally drink a steamer! altho by the time i come back from spain i may be a coffee drinker;)

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