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Faith IS such a personal and internal thing, but some people seem to want to judge the faith of others by how often and to which church they go, and by how much money they put in the offering plate as it goes by. Which IS such a wrong concept, especially when you think about all the fallen leaders of the mega churches.

Interesting process to witness, Elizabeth, as I did get a chance to read your post before you edited it. Though I like the quote you replaced the text with, I am (selfishly) enjoying the wealth of personal reflection in the fallout from it!

Staying vigilant with our own truth is not easy... and from my own experience certainly choosing to live that way can bring deep-seated emotions to the surface, both for myself and those I 'offend'. It's just part of the process that I am learning to embrace and InJoy, and not take too seriously.

FYI, and if you're so inclined, Edwin Friedman's book 'A Failure of Nerve' has some great insights into this process of authentic leadership (I find the chart on pp. 231 very enlightening), and I believe he also has some great insights to offer around 'family systems' in his other books.

For me, spirituality is an active, evolving process of awareness and acceptance, and fully inclusive, for we are all part of the whole... wherever we may reside in the 'web' at the moment. And I believe there is no 'there' there, as long as we're 'here' there is simply more to learn! This helps me in times like this.

Keep on keepin' on, and blessings of love and gentleness toward yourself...

I suppose that it is hard to judge someone's faith without using something external, but that seems to beg the question of why judge it at all. :)

agree wholeheartedly. spirituality is a process, a journey, and we really are all one. it is just so easy to forget that.

Exactly! It shouldn't be judged at all!

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