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A close friend and I were talking about forgiveness the other day. I asked her what she thought forgiveness meant and at what point does it truly happen? She wouldn't consider herself wise but her answers are always honest and real. She said she heard somewhere and believes that when it seems as if someone has wronged us (others, God or even ourselves) deep down we feel they owe us something- a debt, if you will. We may withhold love or generousity from them because of it. Forgiveness happens when you can completely release that debt back to them. Sometimes we can't do this until we've learned and accepted what we needed to from the situation.

I prefer harmony and will quickly try to make things right if they're not but I think I hold many tiny debts in my heart. A lot of them I owe to myself.

I'm so glad you're finding a way to let go, Elizabeth... peace is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing the link.

@julie: i think sometimes we may also hope that they feel a bit of the pain we felt, or worry that forgiveness means we have to forget or pretend like it never happened. when in reality, forgiveness really means that we are releasing the hold they have on us. as your friend wisely put it.

Interesting that I don't actually know what I was letting go, but I guess that really doesn't matter!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And I do hope you find a way to release the debts to yourself. We should be quickest to forgive ourselves. :)

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