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And when you do the "waking up" head jerk, it totally busts you! :)


sadly, it totally does.

but if anyone asks, i listen better when my eyes are closed. yup, 'tis true. ;)

As far as finding churches goes, it sometimes seems like we are all a church and our fellowship happens with each interaction that we have with each other. We can share our hurts, encourage each other, learn from each other and try to grow as people.

Study and worship can be a very personal thing and I am happiest doing both quietly on my own. Like your example of "thank you..." I'm not saying that churches are bad, just that there can be a mentality that forms because people gravitate towards other like-minded individuals and they can eventually overshadow everyone else. I think different opinions are good, not bad, and that those who challenge our thinking help us grow- even when that challenging part isn't always so fun at the time.

Wow, I've been so chatty lately! :)

@julie: i completely agree. that is one of the reasons why i am not sure i want to look for one again. it seems to be easier to grow and learn and also to remember that we really are all one when i'm surrounded by people who are all very different from one another.

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