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I use the arrival of visitors to make me clean my home too. :) I've had a ton of therapy and I know most of my life has been run by shoulds; I like to think I'm less bound to them now but there are always ones you don't even notice because they're so ingrained. It would be interesting to see what comes up in any given day.
(In fact right now I'm thinking about how I probably shouldn't leave so many comments because I'm about to start looking like a stalker! So much of what you say makes total sense to me I can't seem to help myself!)

I think I'll join you in the noticing of shoulds--thanks for the invitation! :)

i have been noticing my shoulds as a practice too, but it usually ends up being "i *shouldn't* say should" or an unloving "stop / don't / can't" about shoulding. so thanks for the invitation to just notice. i should be nicer to those shoulds =) xo

Sounds like a good challenge, E. I should try to remember to notice the shoulds. (Remember, remember is my word for the year! Ha!!)

@Toni: You crack me up. Clearly your word of the year is inspiring lots of laughter!

@Michelle: Oh, I hear you there. :)

@Steph: I'm glad you're joining in!

@Tara: Please, comment away! Now, if you show up at my doorstep someday, then we might need to talk (except I do like company). ;) It feels like some of mine have left me over the years, but they are sometimes so hidden that I think it will be a good exercise.

I've been working on actively avoiding the phrase "but" as it basically treads on whatever came before it. Christine Kane also has a great article about language which might be of interest to you/your readers: www.christinekane.com/blog/watch-your-language/

Take Care,

@Rose: that would be another good word. Will have to remember it. And thanks for the link! I love her blog - and the posts are always worth re-reading.

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