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It is so amazing how shiva nata brings us up close and personal with our patterns. Mine was around not giving myself permission to be in an epiphany laden amazing place. When I hit level 2 I had such an amazing few days and then I just stopped practicing Shiva Nata. I had been doing it for almost 2 months daily...I am still just inching back into it and noticing my fear of happiness and peace...

I had been doing the opposite! Staying at level 1 until I could do it fast with the DVD, stuck between "way too easy when I do it on my own" and "I can't get it completely right when I'm trying to do arms and legs fast with the DVD". Not a fun place to be when you can't give yourself permission to move on until you get everything perfectly, and in the order in which it's presented... Then I met Havi last summer, and she told me that Shiva Nata could reinforce our patterns. Bing! I had only ever thought of its deconstruction power, but yeah, it has pretty strong reinforcing powers too - maybe so that our patterns finally become obvious enough to us? I don't know, but I've been having fun playing with different levels since then!
It was really interesting to read about your experience with it and see your perspective. :)

Wow, the work you did on level one must have kick-started something for you ... I am not yet a Shiva Naut, but I've had that experience in some limited areas of life. One begins to address a weakness, and somehow, the work "clicks in" and a lot of things become easier. Everything I've heard practitioners say about Shiva Nata points to that process being one of its strengths. Congratulations on addressing what sounds to be a long-held pattern.

@Vivienne: I hope it did. Maybe I should track my progress. And that does seem to be true, once I start to pick at a pattern, it seems to affect lots of other (seemingly unrelated) things. Thanks for sharing your experience! (If you become a Shivanaut - do report back!)

@Josiane: Yeah, that's where I was. I can get it mostly right, but I do make mistakes when doing fast vertical arms, and I almost always make a mistake in the 4-1 sequence of fast horizontal arms. It was uber-frustrating. I totally feel your pain - that would not be fun to not be able to move on. And I wonder now about the reinforcing .. curious what other patterns I might be reinforcing .. Glad to hear you are having fun with the other levels now!

@Pearl: I had wondered why I didn't see any posts from you on the group blog in a while! It's good that you noticed what the fear was - and that you are being gentle on yourself with easing back into the practice.

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