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Be LOVE in motion... :o) ((HUGS))

i've been asking myself this past 2 weeks - made some mind maps and looked at people doing some of my possibilities - then decided what they'd need to start up - qualifications and costs and stuff.

It's all a bit overwhelming, but tkaing it a day at a time.
So glad to hear about your new direction - I know you'll be amazing at it.

It's amazing to me sometimes how hard a question this is for me to even ask myself, much less answer. Thank you for the reminder to ask, and to answer (as best I can in the moment), because it *does* matter.

woah! that made me jump!
then i stared a moment, and then i realized: i don't know.
i'll have to find out now. now.

Wow...what a message to receive today! I am not sure...but I will keep following my hear to see where it leads...

@Carolyn: I hope you continue to share your journey with us!

@Jen: Whatever it is, it will be lovely. <3 You can also look at it as "what do you want to do in this moment"? I did that, but I wanted to not sit at the computer, and it is really hard to listen because I want to reply.

@Steph: It is hard for me too. But it really does matter.

@Rose: That's great! It seems like your VPA really did help provide some clarity!

@Tracy: I love that. Just love it.

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