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Just last night I put some loose-leaf paper in an empty 3-ring binder I'd set aside for that very purpose. There will soon be a Book of Stephi here at my house.

For some reason I feel like I can't start using it until it has a cover/title page, though. I think part of it is that the process of creating the cover/title page feels like it will crystallize my intent in creating this book.

I love how there are always things to notice! :)

This week has been very much a back-to-basics for noticing with me. I've been noticing things like, I get a headache if I forget all day to drink water; and Eating sugar really doesn't make me feel any better, in fact often it makes me feel worse; and When I don't pay attention to my body and skip meals, my emotional balance is affected (plus I end up feeling cruddy physically); and When I'm sick and tired, taking a nap significantly improves both my outlook and my productivity.

That's a really fabulous start to the Big Book of You you've got there, Elizabeth!

One thing I've noticed lately is that I have trouble keeping up-to-date the idea I have of myself in some areas of my life. I mean, by the time I refresh my mental picture of myself regarding for example some aspect of my health, things have already changed and my perception is once again lagging behind. I need to find a way for my brain to refresh those pictures faster and more often, or to accept a mental picture that's in constant flux.

I started reading this post thinking "yes, I'm going to start one and I've been noticing things..." and then realized I can't name any. So I'll be back :P I have a similar thing about books. I can usually find something that resonates with me in the books I read.

Thanks for sharing,

@Rose: they're probably filed away in your brain somewhere. Much like mine. ;)

@Josiane: that's a great observation! That seems like something that would be difficult - in many ways, we really are always changing. I like the idea of having a mental image that's constantly changing too.

@Steph: thank you for sharing those items - I kept saying ditto. Now, if only I had that notebook. I knew there was another reason I meant to visit the bookstore today .. Happy creating!

I recently started my Book of Me too. Havi sure knows how to inspire!

I started with a brainstorming session on the computer and made a numbered list. Which I have not added to since I started it, however I think I'll put that on my list of things to do today.

I'm thinking about taking the list into a book form over summer break.

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