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I love that you are doing all distance work! I have a list for every night... it is kinda long right now, but I always do Greggie and Julie for sure. The rest are more temp for now. :) I don't spend a full hour tho, I do a condensed version. Lucky, I have done Senja and Gregory 3 times each so far today! Both are having chest problems.
Too bad I don't get paid, lol.
Do you have a website? Are you advertising?


Congrats on your new venture, elizabeth ! How wonderful !
I have just found a wonderful Reiki practitoner here in NH that I will be beginning sessions with. I do completely believe in the long distance healing practice - my Mom is an attunement practitioner and she has done fantastic work with me from 5 hours away in Montreal. I need that hands on connection right now so I am excited to get started with my Michelle here at home.
I wish you much success and wonderful connections with your clients/partners in healing !
Cheers !

I completely understand; I am in a similar situation with Shiva Nata...

@Josiane: Oh - that would totally apply to Shiva Nata too. Doggone it. ;)

@Kim: That's wonderful! I have a session every so often when I need extra support and I love it - so very relaxing. Thanks for the well wishes!

@Anne: Email sent .. my response was too wordy for a comment. :)

The Reiki Practitioners I've met say that quite often they always..attract clients who have simialr problems/pains that they've experienced, which I think is really interesting.
Lots of luck with it!

Yay! Congratulations! You know I totally share your struggle of how to explain what Reiki can do for potential clients. I tend to say that it "may" do any number of things - reduce pain, help with mental clarity etc. but I always tell people that, if nothing else, it is deeply relaxing. Distance Reiki is another animal altogether when it comes to trying to explain what it is and how it works. I think it's great that you did a bunch of sessions specifically to get feedback. I really need to do that more.

@Rose: Really? That's fascinating. Maybe that's what's happening here.

@Jessica: Yeah, the word "may" is hugely helpful. (If not specific enough for the very fact-based side of my brain.)

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