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What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this thoughtful gem, Elizabeth.

Oh, how we let our minds rule the roost. Run the show. Steamroll. Roll play? No, that one doesn't fit.

My mind has made a mess of things, which is not exactly what you're saying, but I mean that when I learned to start listening to my body, a whole world started opening up for me.

What's interesting is how easy it is to STOP doing. I think this is especially true for us thinking types. I like analyzing! Logic! It needs to make SENSE!

But our bodies know so much more -- listening is key.

Next tremendous challenge I face: TRUSTING body enough to act.

It's a wild leap... do I dare?

@Laurie: Logic! Sense! Yes! {In other words, I know that well. It is so easy to stay there.} I am working on the trusting. It is hard, and my body doesn't trust me to listen yet. I wish you strength for the challenge!

@Josiane: You are welcome! Thank you. xoxo

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