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I can't believe you've had Atlas for 7 years! I do agree that you've learned a lot from him. :) I'm proud to have him as my nephew. :)

@Amy: Almost 7 yrs - one more month! Thanks! We both love you. (Atlas says to come visit and bring kitties. ;)

This is beautiful. My friend Chuck (firefighter, with the black lab named Cutter) was just here and brought Cutter with him. We spent a lot of time talking about dogs and what a blessing they are. And I have Cutter a ridiculously long neckrub. Because he, like Atlas, deserved it. And know what, he asked for it. He put his nose in my lap until he got what he wanted. :)

@leanne: i remember seeing a photo of that cute lab. dogs really are a blessing. and it's hard to resist their cute faces and noses.

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