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Those are such interesting and useful realizations! It's so easy to get caught up (and pour lots of energy) into what we think we'd like only to realise that it was not what we really wanted. It's so sweet to see that your shop took you away from what you thought you wanted, and brought you towards what makes you really happy. :) The only downside, when such a thing happens, is that we get stuck in resistance mode until we see it actually gets us closer to what truly makes us happy. I'm glad you're past that, and you can fully enjoy the fun you're having packaging and sending your lovely cards.

Might be time for me to take a look at my list of dreams and see if it needs a clean up...

@josiane: happily, this one didn't bring up a lot of resistance, because i was so excited about it. have fun looking at your dream list!

It's a strange and wonderful experience to realize the difference between old dreams and new realities.

We have so many options today and the push is to define our ideal lives simply because we can. Yet it seems we sometimes feel odd choosing the simpler options--like we're not reaching far enough--but if it's what makes us happy, that's all that counts.

@Scraps: Such wise words. Thank you. And the thing I do know about me is that I like a simpler life. :)

Your words are timely for me. Such an important distinction to make! It's giving me good directions to ponder. Thank you. :)

@Steph: You are most welcome.

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