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I'm pretty sure I've got a similar voice living in my head. Good luck playing with this! Making notes of real-life examples of people who *are* making a living doing what they love sounds like a good thing.

I'm an example! let me be an example to show you that you can make money doing what you love.

I will say this has been a constant thought for me, in good times and tough times. CONSTANT. It comes from... have no clue.

The routes I find around it include new thoughts, like -- I can always find creative ways to make money. And, I will always do what I love and support myself.

Just to share. :) This resonates with me.

i dunno. but sometimes people earn bennies so they can afford to do what they love.

@Steph: Thanks for the luck-wishing! Can I be glad that I'm not alone? I mean, I'd rather no one else had it, but ..

@Laurie: Hurrah! You are my example! I like your new thoughts .. I might have to think of some. That sounds like another good idea. Thank you!

@Ann: That is true. And for some people, that is probably a most perfect option. I guess I am exploring the idea that I can do what I love without earning benefits. I hope this is true. :)

True story of this week - I am working at a part-time temporary job that I hate but felt I had to take because I need the money at this time. I have been praying for money to come from doing things I love, but felt I had to take this job in the mean time.
This job is sucking the life from me, and I have no energy for creating or much else. Then I got offered an order for a whole bunch of my art work that I was seriously thinking of refusing because I don't have the time or energy to complete the job right now. Suddenly I realized that this was totally back-ass-wards !!!!! I was working at a job I hate to make money and it was preventing for making money doing what I love to do !!!!

With some help and encouragment from my best cheerleaders, I have decided to quit the part time job and go back to being a full-time happy artist. As soon as I did that, I got two more opportunities that will be bringing me in some $$$ through my art - as much as I make in two weeks at the mall job.

I will be making enough money to get by doing what I love! Once again, I am in awe to re-learn that the Universe is really conspiring in my favor. I hope you find the same thing, Wonderful Elizabeth !

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