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i am trying so hard to learn this. especially the listening to my body. thank you for the encouragement to keep trying!

I have been so working on not listening to only my mind (man, those things are powerful !) and building up the muscles in my inner wisdom voice but have not been loving and supporting my body as I should. This is the next shift in how I "BE" in this world for me. I can feel it coming.
This life long learning and growing is quite the gift, isn't it, Lovely Elizabeth ?

yes, sometimes we try to complicate things, don't we? By learning a certain technique that is told to bring clarity, or following one person's advice on what will show us the way, or doing this or doing that...searching for all the answers in books & places. When the answer is so simple, like you said, to listen to ourselves. Easier said than done, though. I, myself, am a self-help book junkie & constantly "working" on myself. :)

Oh, I can relate to this one too, Elizabeth. That listening is so hard at first. I dwell so much in my mind, that my poor body at times has been forgotten. Taking this chakras e-workshop I'm doing now really has me boiling things down and making some great discoveries...and I've only just begun it! I'm thinking of as a big exercise in reconnection everything--a big revival of my body-mind-spirit connections. There's always plenty of self-work to do, isn't there? ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

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