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I've always believed that dogs rescue people...even more often than us people rescue them dogs. They can change your life!!
Sweet image!!!

i still say "ugh" to the enormous amounts of drool....but, i guess he is kinda cute:)

Huh! I woulda never thought there was a day you didn't think about having a dog slobbering all over you! :D

funny, that.

love conquers lib. ;)

I think that dogs and children have that amazing ability to change us. It must be something to do with their pure, sweet hearts!

Atlas is beautiful, what a gorgeous colour. Yes, he is a heart melter.

I never thought I'd have one dog, let alone two. I've always been more of a cat person. I don't know what I'd do without my B-Boys. =)

Did you say you NEVER want children? ;)

Love this photo!

That very sweet as I'm readying your post I am not curious of the story that brought you and Atlas together. Maybe you could post about how and why the 2 of you met. I am sure I have not heard the story.

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