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sent you an email on the gift of jewels project

Those flower images are so beautiful and happy! I think they would surely brighten a gloomy day!

Love the dreamy effects!! I think you should follow-up on this little 'kick'. Wonderful images!!!

retinal perspectives helps to brighten a gloomy day.
this trio reminds me of evening noon and morn.
hopeful images :)

I love the first photo! Love the colors.

how do you do that...it really is very surreal...

these are so bright and cheerful. Keep experimenting with results like these.

O yes, I can totally relate to what you are saying. Those 'accidents' make my stomach do a flip-flop. And after that I'm wondering why other people don't see what I see :)

Saw your blog mentioned in the 'Bones of a Poet-Hello'-post and I'm looking forward to your photo's for the course.

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