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What a great owner you have turned out to be. I think Atlas would be just as happy to have you as you are to have him.

I think you 2 were meant for each other :)

Love this story. Love at first sight?!?!? Wonderful pix of your sweet pup!!!

What a sweet story! Definitely meant to be! :)

Awww, a love story! Thanks for sharing. ;) Now I want to hear the story of how you went from non-dog person to dog lover.

love the pup

Happy Weimiversary! :) I love that story. Also like the look in Atlas' eyes in the first one- so much expression.

I've also never heard the story about how you became a dog-lover!

awwwww..........i never knew his name was sammy, i love it! that's what i'm going to call him from now on:)..say hi to sammy for me!

Isn't it just wonderful the way these things work out so perfectly sometimes? Your loving intention was answered at just the right time by just the right dog soul.

I, too, am coming to admire Atlas. I love when you share details about him. Not only is he beautiful, but he has such a charming personality.

I'm not a big dog person, myself. But my fiance is, and I've already told him we'll take the leap if we can be sure we'll take really good care of the puppy -- I know how to care for cats well, of course, but the other would be a learning experience. Someday you'll have to share how you became a dog person with us... would love to hear it :)

Happy Weimaversary to you and Atlas. :) I do have to say that Atlas has mellowed out certain aspects of your personality. :) He is so lovable, though.

Atlas and you were meant to be together!

@all: thanks for all the well wishes! maybe someday i'll share the other story. :)

@helen: no! it was only his name for a few weeks. i can't remember exactly what his first home named him, but it was something that kind of sort of sounded like sammy or maybe it was samuel and it didn't at all suit him so lisa called him sammy instead when he went back to her.

@amy: pffft. as if my personality wasn't perfectly mellow already. ;)

@meredith: i'm sure you would be a wonderful dog owner! hmmmmm .. if you have cats, atlas would be willing to loan himself out for you to practice!

what a lucky boy to have you as his final forever person!

He's so handsome. I've liked weimaraners since I became aware of William Wegman many years ago.

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