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yes, those are cute! (the clothes pics).....i didn't really know what they would look like, but I like them:)

Love your daisy photo over the bed!!

Great ideas!

I love that canvas -- and your idea for the laundry room. I may have to copy the latter. My laundry area is so stark and bare. Very creative!

As always, I love your blog :)

great ideas elizabeth...no clutter is a nice thing!

Cute - I like the daisy photo especially. It's clear you inherited Mom's genes for not wanting clutter. :) I don't like clutter either, but I love my walls covered...

What a great idea with the jc photos. I'm going to post a similar (unframed) photo on my blog right now.

Brilliant idea for the laundry room...those photos from J crew are perfect!

Also, love the minimal and simple feel of your room.

Simple is best I think. I am also not one for clutter.

The daisy print looks really good. I so need to display some of my work that doesn't involve my children.

I have a a few photos printed due to competitions but I haven't famed it.

I love the clothes idea! Genius.

i love the simplicity of your bedroom. i could easily see myself sleeping like a baby there. And, what a clever idea, for the frames. they look, wonderful!

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