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and what a true image of love it is. of course she asked you to take it....it's the energy you give back to each of us.

good morning miss elizabeth.

Such a joyous image. Love the emotion you captured!!!

You are a fantastic photographer. I've been meaning to tell you that.

Such smiles... This is a happy pair... the love here...and you did a brilliant stint as occasion photographer, Elizabeth! That tree background looks like golden stars bursting...lovely. Thank you for sharing this happy day with us. :o)

i love the smiles. i wish them all the best.
love each other through it all, and never go to sleep angry. best advice, i ever received.

I hope I'm this happy on my wedding day. Happiness has its own kind of beauty; doesn't it?

Beautiful photo. :)

You have done a fantastic job. This is a beautiful photo that just oozes happiness. I love it and I think all your family will to.

no pressure right?! it is a wonderful photo Elizabeth

They both look truly happy. Fantastic capture, E. All that gulping was completely unneccessary. Congrats, congrats, to the happy couple!!

That is a very happy photo! You've gotta smile when you look at it! You did a great job.

Yay! Sorry to be away so long...
Congrats to the beaming couple! xo

i hope she saw your happy wishes!

@tracy: i love the line about "golden stars bursting!" what an image!

way to go elizabeth!! you captured such a wonderfully spontaneous moment of delight! they look as though they are as happy today as they were a year ago when they married.
you did really good!

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