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i'm so exhausted this morning - mark and i had an all night battle of wits - so when I first opened this i thought it said, 'i love vaccinations'

and i was confused

small breaths of beauty? oh elizabeth that is the very best wish to have sent. i will receive it with grace and return in kind.

vaccinations?!?? that made me smile :) now i can breathe out and be zen for the day.

I hope it is a wonderful and restorative time for you :) Best wishes... and looking forward to your return!

Come on up ! It is very beautiful here right now, if a little cool. Enjoy your vacation time !

Have a wonderful time on your vacation! I hope loads of inspiration and fun is in store. Is Atlas going, too?

And love the beckoning photo... Where was it taken?

Have a great vacation!

do enjoy your vaca. sounds lovely.

Have a wonderful vacation!

May you too find breaths of unexpected beauty while you're away! Enjoy your vacation!

Thank you for stopping by my blog (and, of course, for letting me know you did so!). Nice meeting you! I'm really happy that your comment led me to your blog, too: it's gorgeous! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. :)

@sharyn: oh, your comment made me giggle. i'm still giggling over here .. but no, i do not love vaccinations! ;)

@julie: atlas is going on his own vacation - to double dog ranch. :) the photo was taken at a small roadside state park on the way to detroit lake, oregon. i am hoping to do that drive again this year - but go all the way to sisters and bend - when i get back. the colors were amazing.

@josiane: ditto :)

enjoy your time away. I am sure you will have plenty to blog about when you return.

Wishing joy on your travels and adventures, Elizabeth! :o)

oh, have a wonderful time with your sister. and please say hello to Liz for me, at the retreat. omgoodness, this is love.

enjoy enjoy.

Whenever you get back from your lovely vacation, you'll have a little surprise waiting for you: I've given you an award over on my blog.

Hope it's beautiful wherever you are... (Bet it is! You seem to take the beauty with you, probably a reflection of what's inside.)

Have the bestest time at the retreat,,,hugs and smooches for all who are there!
Virtual Indigo love for all!!!

(don't you just love going away to find yourself?)

I wish the same for you, my friend. And, pleasant journeys.

Away with a sister? My favourite kind of vacation .. I hope you're having fun.

Oh, I hope the retreat is as lovely as it sounds. I've been meaning to look into those on this side of the country.

Are you back yet, E? I guess it isn't the 19th yet, is it? Hope you are having a fantastic vacay. (I checked in earlier, right after you left, but I apparently forgot to comment.)

I never thought of it like that, but it really is true.

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