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The same thing happened to me these past six years as well :) Happy Thanksgiving- Lib.. Enjoy the season...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving message -- and I cannot believe how little Atlas has changed in 6 years! You should maybe bottle some of that love you are giving him. That must be his secret ;)

wow, that hardly even looks like you! :) but don't worry, you're still cute:D happy thanksgiving to you and atlas too, i wish you were here (so you wouldn't have to eat smushy squash soup)! :)

I love this photo; you both look amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Atlas too!

Happy Thanksgiving, Eliz. :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I noticed your RedBubble shop on the side bar. Does that work pretty good for you. Right now, I'm getting a few requests on certain photos, so I'd like an easy way for people to buy them if they are interested. I'll look more into it when I have time, just curious how it works for you.

What a wonderful quote..and image to match. Hope your Thanksgiving was special!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Great photo! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

darling photo sweet Elizabeth....and you have only gotten more beautiful to me!!! i love your quote...that Eckhart Tolle...pretty smart man!! i just came across his book with a bazillion sticky flags in it!!!!
love you!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! One of the blessings this year for me has been meeting you and being able to read your blog!!!

BTW, I think Eckhart Tolle was quoting Meister Eckhart...... Both are great.

Love you!

@lori: thank you! i saw that name with the quote in a few places, but figured eckhart tolle = meister eckhart. clearly i was mistaken. ;) i changed it to give credit where credit was due. (and now i found a new quote person - yay!)

I love this post. It's late, but still, I wish you all the blessings of Thanksgiving Day. And, all the blessings that come with being thankful.

what a beautiful quote. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hope enjoyed your holiday and the holiday weekend. Sending you a gib hug xoxo

you are so very special, elizabeth. you and your pup! thanks

What a wonderful quote. And yes, thank you.

I hope you had a wonderful thanks giving. I don't see much change in you or atlas and you would have fooled me if you said that photo was recent.

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