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That is so sweet that he is your caretaker when you're sick. I hope you feel better quickly.

that's cool.

Aw. This is why, in the end, I will always love dogs more than cats.

Hope you're back on your feet soon!

ohhh he is such a sweetheart.
I cannot wait to have my weirmarener!
I have been saying this for years, haven't I?
But I am taking decisions to make my life simpler, more "dog-friendly" now! It will happen...

@veronique: it will happen! and no one will be more excited than me! (well, you guys will be, but you know what I mean :)

feel better soon elizabeth!

Love this story - any dog owner can identify! Although mine would be that way more for her daddy than for me, love her just the same!!

I love this!!

Feel better soon, my dear!

true love makes me get all weepy.

That's so sweet!
Clearly, you are in good hands - er, paws - but still, I hope you feel better soon.

that kind of companionship should help with your healing. love

elizabeth...i wish husbands were like this. maybe i need another dog! feel better dear!

Cute story! Atlas is so faithful. Hope you get well soon cuz being sick stinks!

I hope you're feeling better soon. Tell Atlas he is a wonderful nurse/dog!

That is the sweetest thing. Nearly heart-melting... no wonder you love him like you do.

Feel better soon!

@all: ha! my sweet nursemaid ate something gross yesterday .. and i am convinced that the damage to my psyche reversed any trend towards wellness. ;)

but i still love him madly. :)

Your Atlas is so loyal and very loving to take care of you. I think he bring you a bowl of warm soup if he could. Enjoy your quiet time together and get better soon.

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