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Oh, we should get together this week. (if only). I have a dozen or so pie pumpkins from our garden that I will be cooking, pureeing, and freezing. Those I don't immediately bake with, that is. And I just found a recipe for Pumpkin Guts Bread. That's right, you can even bake with the "guts" of the pumpkin. And of course, I now have to try that. I'm going to have delicious fun with these pumpkins!

Fabulous photos! Love pumpkins... I am not ready for all the red and green coming my way...these are just perfect to look at right now!

chocolate chips are the things that make the pumpkin bread edible:)

don't pumpkins make for the best photos?
i'm curious on the recipe for the pumpkin/sausage pasta dish....
love atlas's costume. our dog was yoda from star wars. i didn't get a pic, though, cuz my camera battery died (oops! bad momma)

@ann: they do! that was last year's costume; this year, atlas dressed up as "the emperor has new clothes". ;) i'll see if i can find that recipe for you - i know i have it, just not sure where it might be.

@helen: ugh. pumpkin + raisins = good. pumpkin + chocolate = not good. 'nuff said.

@caroline: oh, i hear you! i am still enjoying the reds and greens of fall. let me have that for a while, please!

@nora: how fun!!! i wish i could join you. very curious on the pumpkin guts bread - very curious. do report back please!

oh yeah, it's not a wonder we found one another. : )

I'm with you. Pumpkin + chocolate = blech!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, life has been keeping me fart too busy lately.

Geezs pumpkins are really cheap!!

@christina: for sure!

@relyn: oh yay, another no pumpkin + chocolate person. i try to explain this concept to the bread store every year but they tell me that most people like the combination. unfortunate that. :)

@liss: i hope you're getting some time to relax! take care of yourself, dear. :)

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