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So fun that he invents these games with other dogs! I am in love with him. It makes me want a slightly-too-smart dog of my very own.

Does Atlas have a sore on his nose?

Warm and cozy, Libby. Love W.W.

@amna: i wish he would invent a game like tea party. something quiet and gentle. tee-hee. but yes, smart is lots of fun, even if it means that they can out-think you.

@jerry: he does. how did you know? i didn't remember that he had one in this photo too (it's an older photo). he has one every time he comes home. apparently he rubs his nose on his bed? (i'm told it's a weimaraner thing.)

How lucky you are to have a happy place for your baby while you are gone! I'm jealous - the only time we've left Muffin, she was a mess, so we've never dared do it again. LOVED the doggy stories - what a kick!

Welcome home to both of you. Atlas is too cute -- and so smart, too!

Oh yes, it sounds like he needs to come home for a rest. Atlas is so funny, I wished I could have seen him body slamming the other dog.

:) This made me happy. There is NO place like home...

P.S. Atlas makes me laugh! I love that him and the other dog crashed into each other.

I am glad your together ...he looks very sweet.

Those are the cutest stories about Atlas and his vacation buddies! They made me smile!

@patty: oh, i know that feeling. that was what happened until i moved to oregon and found this place. i had stopped traveling unless i couldn't help it because every place i tried, he would come home all stressed and it took weeks to work through the separation anxiety again. your poor pup.

you know - there is a double dog ranch in so cal! maybe you could try it!

Oh, how blessed you and Atlas both are to have such a place to send him for a vacation. What wonderful people must run it. I bet they love their jobs. I'd have given a lot to have a place like that for my cat this past summer. Of course, cats really don't work like dogs at all, do they?

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