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Sinster Klaus is making me smirk - Merry Christmas to you & Atlas!

Lol. He's so cute! Santa always had a pipe when I was little. Wonder if he heard that smoking's bad for the lungs? ;)

that's pretty cool

soooo cute!! That reminds me, I used to have 2 little dolls I got in the Carribean that smoked too. In college, we always imagined that they were smoking something other than cigarettes! Now I wonder what ever happened to them....

oh elizabeth....i bought my first smoker santa in germany too and guess what???? he skis! love it, simply love it.
merry christmas to you my dear!

this must be 1/3 of the decorations you put up.....i can see how that would take some intense motivation ;)

That's hilarious!

@helen: more like 1/6th. so yes, it was a seriously tiring task. hee.

lol! Happy Holidays, my dear friend.

OMG..that's awesome...can you take a photo of the smoke coming out?

love it

@brita/ann: so glad you love my santa too!

@caroline: i've tried before .. but have not had much success. maybe that's a good project.

@chrissy: you have one too! i love it! i also bought one for a friend for a wedding present - but it was a fisherman, not a santa. :)

@patty: that made me giggle. if you find them, you will have to take a photo for us.

@maryann/@christina: merry christmas to you too!

@sherron: isn't it!

@julie: maybe it's a once-a-year thing - to relieve his job stress. hee.

I do love him too. :)

@amy: for which he thanks you :)

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