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Awwww.... Merry Christmas to both of you!

That is hilarious! Whoever says dogs don't tell you how they feel has not seen this photo...

Love your blog, Elizabeth!

Oh, boy, Atlas has the life! He is such a patient pup!

Oh Atlas... Your kitty-cousins would look on in horror. Puck probably feels your pain, though... she's now enduring nightly rear-end baths and the other kitties come and peek in when she's meowing sadly. So undignified... but she does feel so much better.

The eyes say it all.

poor, poor atlas......tell him he can come live w/ me, i won't make him wear silly things:)..........cute story, i feel bad to admit that i don't tell kia stories (altho i feel that she wouldn't listen) :)

Aww, I love the fairy story. Those eyes look so pained. But still, he's Atlas so he's tolerant and puts up with it for you. To take a picture of our kitty with a Santa hat on, we had to do some serious restraining, and the looks shot toward the camera verged on murderous :)

Put upon, my ass. :)

Besides, puppies and kitties must pay pet rent! This includes, but is not limited to, occasionally being put in antlers and space helmets and funny poses for our amusement.

OH my goodness.... sooo precious! Tee hee....

He doesn't look happy does he. I am sure he will have a wonderful Christmas as you will spoil him.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas

He LOVES those antlers! I can tell! He's just resting into it, going 'Finally! I AM The Reindeer King! You shall bring me my Royal Popcorn and take me for my Royal Walk!"

Lol! He looks just thrilled to be posing. :D Merry, merry Christmas to you and your puppy. You both make my day. :)

I love this photo! Merry Christmas, Atlas, to you and your momma!

that face is priceless!! so cute and funny. i hope you had a merry christmas. hugs!!

@mindy/leanne/julie: thanks!

@kelly: i believe you may be right! and he does get popcorn and walks, so clearly he was made for king-dom.

@liss: can i confess that i did not even get him a christmas present! shhhhh ..

@amna: i like your idea. pet rent, it is!

@meredith: ha. i like your kitty. i don't know if atlas knows how to look murderous; perhaps i should teach him. ;)

@helen: he's on his way. ;)

@jerry: they do, don't they.

@amy: oh, poor puck. i thought she liked to be cleaned though.

@gayle: he is patient. patient and long-suffering. :)

@kirsten: hi! i miss you. :)

@holly: thank you!

atlas looks a little hung over in this picture.

@margie: he probably wishes he was. it would make the torment more bearable. ;)

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