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Gorgeous light in this. He looks like such a happy sweet pup!! Love the image!!

Oh, how I'm coming to love Atlas, just through your words and images. I think I could read a book about Atlas and y'all's relationship. So sweet and inspiring and gentle and real.

I could read it to the cats, who would look at me as if to say, "I hope you don't think we could become like Atlas!" Actually, one of my kitties does jump on the desk periodically, rubbing his chin on the keyboard and sometimes stepping right on the keys, and it is definitely a ploy to get held and rubbed now. Atlas' version seems so lovely and unselfish!

Oh my gosh how cute is that! Just want to let you know I am here...dogs are the best!!!

I love him too and we haven't even met! Some of the stories you tell I can relate to because I am a dog person and I have witnessed something similar, but others are completely Atlas-unique!

oh how i love this relationship you and your atlas have! and oh how i love you, dear elizabeth girl!

Isn't is interesting (and fabulous!) how they crave our attention? And, in doing so, give us the attention we need? Or, that's how it seems to work in my house. :-)

sonja loves this one, lib

love your (giant) puppy...he is too cute and love that he is still there...hasn't gone anywhere!!!



Atlas is so sweet. You and he have such a precious relationship.

What a sweet puppy to check in on you. :)

@julie/gayle: he is very sweet.

@kolleen: xoxoxoxo back at you!

@ann: oh, i'm glad she liked it.

@sherron: yup, mine too. i imagine your home is just filled with love and attention.

@marilyn: i love you too. i miss your hugs!

@patty: i imagine each dog (or cat) has their own sweet ways. it is fun to discover them.

@caroline: they really are.

@meredith: that is so sweet. i can just picture your kitty. atlas would like to volunteer to read to the kitties - he says he would love them exactly as they are. ;)

@marcie: thanks! i thought the light was so interesting.

Dogs are like no other creature on earth..the way they make you feel like the most important thing in the world to them. Their love is so unconditional and unwavering.
I love how Atlas expresses this to you...in his quiet little way.

i love him too!

@rhayne: i had never realized how wonderful it was until i experienced it for myself. it is amazing.

@christina: xoxo

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