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Beautiful job on these photos! I love the contrast that the sun gives. It gives the photos an edge... very appropriate for the sport!

beautiful shots! Where is this park? I used to skate ALL THE TIME and have quite a collection of skatepark photos. I love the sculpted concrete and the shadows it makes.

I found you on Havi's blog :)

once again...beautiful photos. i simply cannot believe that you took them with your point and shoot however my dear. oh my, but you are talented. hope thanksgiving was wonderful as are you.
much love,

love the shine and curves~great captures ...yes we are strange !

Elizabeth, I actually think the zoom lens would not have captured the fullness and feel of the scene - I think it's just right!

I love what you did with the point and shoot, and I could feel the strange-girl-on-the-hill energy somehow, even before I read your post :)

Wowza. Beautiful!

gorgeous photos, I think skateboard parks are great places to shoot. Lots of colour and action!

very, very cool shots! a point and shoot in your hands can do magic!

Love..love..love these. There is something so graceful in the curves and lines and light. Really wonderful collection of almost-abstract..but very 'real' images. Excellent!

these are GREAT!!! i think you captured the essence beautifully! the last is my fav!!
gave you a little "shout out " on my blog!! xoxoxox

This is the cleanest skate park I have ever seen

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