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the goji stuff sounds good...where do you get it? i'm slowly converting darrel to teadom...and my kids...tea will rule the world! Ah-HAHAHAHA!

@ann: it's bottled iced tea, made by honest tea. i find it in the cold drink section, where they sell individual bottles of soda or tea or .. if you can find bottles of honest tea somewhere (i think they're pretty popular), you should (hopefully) be able to find it.

oh elizabeth..i've missed you and you're insights and wisdom. i am typing on my NEW MAC! AHHHHH! it is beyond unbelievable...so i'm back online and back on your wonderful awesome blog. love ya!

...and you so recently responded to one of my posts on your dislike of hot tea....I'm so glad you're crossing over! ;)

@becca: i know! it was shortly after that that i started drinking it. mostly because it was just so doggone cold that cold water was no fun at all. how quickly things change. ;)

@chrissy: hurrah for new macs!!! so glad you have one. love you too!

Funny as I am not a coffee drinker but I do love tea. I've never had African Red tea before, it sounds very nice the way you have described it.

Merry Christmas if I don't pop over before friday, but I do hope to be back before then.

So nice to look back at all of the 'good'..and all of the 'changes'...like your newly developed taste for good tea!!! Love the image!!

my eyes got so big as i read about your rush! i love it! i've had my holes for 9 years. my then friend from work came with me and literally held my (sweaty) hand. When Habtamu got his done, there was a little blond haired, fair skinned 4 year old in front of him. He whole face turned red after the first little pinch and Habtamu was ready to leave earring free. I made him stay with "peer pressure," and he still wears it. Fun sharing :)

...HER whole face...:)

YES!!!! love it!!!
I am going to have to try this tea you are raving about...i usually just stick with basic green or peppermint...need to shake things up a bit!!!
loves to you sweet Elizabeth!

I haven't tried that kind of tea before- it sounds yummy. Especially the way you make it! I think I would look forward to that kind of ritual to start the day.

And I like that "yes" was your word for the year, even if you didn't conciously think about it. You are inspiring- the things you've faced and the positive, sweet outlook of yours. Good luck in 2010. :)

I just replaced my old nano with a shiny new one--Merry Christmas to me. Apple does have the best packaging, hands down. I thought the packaging for the old one was cool...

@jenG: merry christmas indeed. cannot think of a better gift. i want a nano myself - the pretty blue one.

@julie: it's called african safari - darn, cannot think of the brand without running downstairs. it's in a red tin. it's a pretty popular brand - they have tall narrow tins with off-white labels.

@kolleen: let me know how you like it! i like the idea of green tea, but it does have caffeine. :)

@jen t: so glad you shared that - i loved reading it. props to habtamu - i would have run myself. ;)

@marcie: well .. i can't be sure it's good .. i am not very discerning. ;)

@liss: merry christmas to you too, my friend!

Hi Lib -
I didn't know about the tea... this was an enjoyable read. :) Happy rest of 2009 to you. :)

love, me :)

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