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Sweet images. Best wishes to you and yours..may your holidays be filled with laughter and light!

the images speak of calm and light...blessings Elizabeth, you put it so well!

Same to you!

I wish the same to you!

Happy Holidays to you and Atlas.

Gratefully accepted and returned! Peace, love, and joy to you and Atlas, at this festive time and into the new year.

There's something about a whole new year, isn't there? It's like a fresh new journal or a snowy meadow without any tracks... :D

These are wonderful images! Fantastic. Here it is Christmas Eve and I have a pile of things still to do. Before I don my little elf hat and get busy, I wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Or a very merry Zombie Yule. Whichever you choose. May this holiday season bring you much joy and laughter. May the gifts you give be received with delight and may you know how very much you are loved. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Merry Christmas Lib. Love you. :) I'll call you tomorrow - you're going to love your gift. :)
love a&k :)

Merry Christmas, Eliz. Hope yours is merry and bright. What is zombie yule, btw?

same to you sweet Elizabeth!! Enjoy this special time of year and know how grateful i am that you came into my life this year! You are such a special soul.
loves to you!!

Love to you and my boy Atlas ; )
Merry Christmas, my friend.

Elizabeth, my blessing go back to yo and I am looking forward to blogging with you again in 2010.

I just stopped into say hi, and say that I saw your reply to Havi's post. I sympathize with you about your dog. I love mine to death, and I get that too. "It's just a dog, what's the big deal?" But he's important, and as dumb as it sounds, my dog is way more supportive than other people in my life most of the time.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one out there who feels that way, and hope that you did okay without him over the holiday. I know I'm missing my little guy very much.

So? How was your Zombie Yule? Thinking of you...

@relyn: 'twas better than i expected. thanks!

@copygeniusgirl: oh, my goodness. you are such a sweetheart. thank you for stopping in to share that. i hope you are reunited soon. (i actually didn't travel this year, so don't have to miss mine, happily.)

@liss: i am looking forward to that too. another year of photo-taking for all!

@christina: love to you too, my friend.

@kolleen: i feel exactly the same. how did i get so lucky this year?! much love to you.

@becca: oh, it's a holiday that someone invented for their family. :)

@a&k: i do love it. thanks. :)

@jen: exactly! except that i am much less reluctant to make tracks in it. ;)

@jerry: thank you! happy holidays to you too!

@gayle/amy/elk/marcie: thank you!

I love these. I love them all. But I ADORE that Eiffel Tower. Like, NEED it. These images feel like the very essence of peaceful festivity.

@briana: oh, yay. i love it when people love my eiffel tower as much as i do. personally, i think it is the most fabulous "tree" ever.

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